Who are we?

WECC is a Christian community in the broadly reformed, evangelical tradition. As a “Congregational” church, it is our clear belief that the Congregation is responsible before God for the running of the church and all major decisions whether in terms of mission, praxis, theology or organisation. To this end we place great emphasis on the Church Meeting (normally meets once a month) where quite simply we seek “the mind of Christ” on all such questions. In this way we attempt to avoid some of the complexities of what can be termed episcopal church government. Whilst a Congregation is not a democracy (!!) never the less we tend to secure decisions on a majority voting basis with associated discussion and exploration of issues. In this way we are personally responsible to the Lord Jesus as His followers, and collectively responsible to each other to actively seek His mind and to live lives that are honouring to Jesus.

Since 2019: WECC has been in a period of ministerial vacancy following the retirement of our much loved Minister Rev Leslie Shorten (and his wife Christine). The period of ministerial vacancy is indeterminate, however the life of the church continues apace! In common with Congregational churches everywhere we recognise that it is the assembled congregation that ‘ministers’ God’s love, righteousness and mercy to its local catchment and to the wider community. At some point we hope to appoint a new full time Minister to help develop and expand this ministry in Haverhill.

Please see the Articles page and two articles being (1) “What does it mean to be a Congregationalist?” and (2) “What is a Deacon?” – both by Rev Leslie Shorten.”