The Month Ahead

Sunday Programme at West End Congregational Church, Haverhill, CB9 9LA, January to December 2020:

Three Weeks in James

(12, 19, 26 January)

Chris Stirling explores James and draws out the message for today’s church


Acts – setting the scene

(02, 09, 16, 23 February and 01 March)

Acts – the church goes global – various speakers


Acts – Stephen sees Jesus!

(08, 15, 22 March)

Opposition, witnessing and suffering – “goes with the territory”


Jesus in the Prophets – Zechariah, Isaiah, Psalm 22

(29 March, 05 and 12 April)

Peter Sammons explores God’s ancient plan of Salvation as revealed in the Old Testament

Nehemiah – defending the faith

(19, 26 April, 03, 10 May)

Richard Renouf explores Nehemiah in context of opposition and reliance on God’s plan to get things done!

Acts – Who is the Church for?

(17 May to 05 July)

Various speakers look at the expansion and transformation of the early church – answering the question, just who is “church” for?

Acts – Paul moves centre-stage – Paul the great builder

Paul in Thessalonica, Corinth, Ephesus, Jerusalem and Paul – a marked man.

(12 July to 16 August)

Various speakers continue to explore the travails and difficulties of the infant church as it “goes global”.





Song of Songs – the greatest love story ever told

(23 August to 06 September)

Peter Sammons explores the bride of Christ in the context of an ancient love poem!

The Lord of the Harvest

(13 September to 27 September)

Richard Renouf looks at God’s eternal plan of redemption


Acts – Paul goes sailing

(04 to 18 October)

George Tadrous looks at St Paul’s “high adventure” on the high seas!



Jesus in the Old Testament, Psalm 2, Psalm 22 and Psalm 72

(25 October to 08 November)

God’s plan always involved Jesus – Richard Renouf explores the theme

The God Who Tabernacles with His People

(15 November to 20 December)

Speakers to be announced. Series explores God’s eternal plan to identify with His peoples – through Jesus.


Morning Services start at 10.30 AM. Join us for coffee and a chat after the Service in our main hall.
Occasionally we change the preaching theme at relatively short notice.
The website may not be updated sufficiently quickly to reflect this.