My Bio:

Born and raised in Norwich, I went to university in 2014 to study Music, having a change of heart in 2017 I settled for life in the supermarket world. I gave my life to the Lord in 2010 following a series of events which led to my commitment to Christ, whilst studying in Lincoln in 2016, serving on the diaconate at Lincoln Baptist Church other deacons felt God was calling me to preach and indeed he was, I began preaching at Lincoln Baptist in 2016, and I began preaching at Newark Congregational Church in January 2019. Having been out of education for 5 years, and a move back to Norfolk, (life does happen doesn’t it?) I felt God pushing the door open for me to go into teaching and indeed he has, in September 2022, I shall begin a training course in Sudbury to teach music at Secondary level, which I’m really excited about and will be moving to Linton where I shall live with my partner Charlotte.
Not wishing to loose the skill of preaching, which I love to serve the Lord with, I got in touch with Brenda, and contact was made, and I’m looking forward to being involved with you as much as the Lord would have it be for as long as he would ordain it to be.

Tom (Thomas) Dodd